Do Tree Watering Bags Work?

Whether you are new to landscaping or you are a seasoned worker in landscaping, you know what it feels like to have a nice, well-kept property. Perhaps your property is a wide open space that is desiring newly planted dogwood trees or apple trees. Perhaps you’re starting tiny orchard in your back pasture. Despite your reasoning for planting trees and tending to them, how do you water them?

Some of you may be thinking, “Well, that’s an easy answer. I allow Mother Nature to take its course with hopeful rainfall; otherwise, I use the water hose.” That’s great! However, what if there is another way to water your newly planted trees and it allows for an evenly distribution of the water?

We are referring to tree watering bags.

What are tree watering bags?

Tree watering bags wrap around the base of a tree. They provide a slow water dripping process that hydrates the tree’s root system directly. This is possible through specialized release areas along the bottom of the watering bag.

How is this helpful?

Tree watering bags are extremely helpful because it alleviates water logging to the tree’s root system. This, sadly, happens rather often when a new tree has been transplanted. The tree becomes overwhelmed with too much water and harms the tree. Tree watering bags remove this problem altogether! In addition to this, the bags also save you time by efficiently hydrating your tree daily without your frequent intervention. You can say, “Good-bye!” to the days of over watering and under watering!

How does it work?

They’re really easy to use! Simply place the bag around the tree and fill it up with water about twice a week. It will do the rest of the work for you! (Keep in mind that most of these bags only work for trees that are not bigger than 5 inches in width. They are meant to help young, small trees to set root and to start thriving.)

Why are they used?

Tree watering bags are used for many reasons. Firstly, they’re very time efficient. If you keep a busy schedule, the watering bags are very helpful in keeping your trees watered for you.

Many people that easily over water or under water their plants and trees also prefer to use watering bags. The bags ensure that the water is evenly distributed and the tree is then effectively hydrated.

Do tree watering bags work?

Yes! Tree watering bags do work and are very useful in growing new trees. When doing a tree inspection, you’ll be glad to see healthy growth and colorful foliage. You can purchase a tree watering bag at any home improvement store or farming and plant store. They come with easy instructions as well!

If you’ve just planted new trees and are searching for a great watering system, check out the watering bags. It’ll save on the water sprinkler usage, and promote a healthier root system.